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The finest travel insurance providers to ensure your next vacation is protected


Travel insurance may protect you against a variety of unexpected incidents, such as lost luggage and medical problems.

Travel insurance may help safeguard your trip from the unexpected, whether you’re planning a family vacation to Disney World or a romantic cruise around the Mediterranean. Travel insurance may protect you financially and provide peace of mind in the event of trip cancellations, aircraft delays, or medical problems.


When looking for coverage, there are various types of travel insurance policies to choose from. Here are a few examples of popular coverage types:

Trip cancellation coverage: Assists you in recouping travel expenditures if you are unable to go for a variety of reasons.


Travel delay coverage: Assists you with covering expenditures if your flight is delayed for a covered reason.

vacation interruption coverage: This is useful if you have to cut your vacation short. Covered causes may include an injury or sickness while traveling, as well as a family emergency at home.


Medical expenditures and emergency evacuation coverage: This covers unexpected medical bills when traveling outside of the United States where your health insurance may not be accepted. If you require medical attention while abroad, an emergency evacuation might assist you to return home.

Baggage loss: Covers lost, damaged, or stolen luggage during your journey.

You should also look over the prospective insurer’s Covid-19 coverage. Each insurance company handles Covid-related concerns differently, so read the fine print on any coverage you’re thinking about purchasing.

Best travel insurance providers

AXA Assistance USA travel insurance is the best overall.

Travel Guard travel insurance came in second place.

Allianz travel insurance is the best option for cancellation coverage.

USI Affinity travel insurance is the best option for travel medical policies.

Nationwide travel insurance is the best option for cruise insurance.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is the best option for premium travel.

Assistance from AXA Travelers in the United States can pick from three different policies, with the most basic options covering trip interruption and cancellation as well as luggage and personal effects coverage. The platinum plan covers missed ski days and golf rounds, making it suitable for holidays centered on such sports.
Travel Guard is an excellent choice for anyone looking to cover a future trip due to its wide range of coverage options. There are several ways to personalize your coverage, with three main packages accessible online and extra choices available through a salesperson. The premium, preferred, and necessary plans cover one related kid under the age of 17.
Allianz offers ten different travel insurance products to travelers who desire the freedom to cancel their excursions. You may either get coverage for a single trip or a yearly plan that covers all of your excursions for the whole year. Instead of basic cancel for any reason coverage, Allianz has a Cancel Anytime policy that may recover up to 80% of prepaid, non-refundable trip costs, whereas many of the other providers we researched cap “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) coverage at 75%.

People who are traveling outside of the nation can discover medical policies from USI Affinity to cover them. Frequent travelers can obtain annual medical coverage that covers them for numerous 30-day or shorter journeys. This firm also offers trip cancellation insurance and global travel medical coverage.
Those who are planning a vacation shortly may find cruise-specific travel insurance useful. To begin, Nationwide provides cruise-specific insurance that can cover things like emergency accidents, diseases, itinerary modifications, and trip interruption. Nationwide offers three levels of cruise insurance (universal, choice, and luxury) to ensure that you have the correct amount of coverage for your vacation. Nationwide provides a 10-day review period on its cruise policies (though this is not available in New York or Washington), allowing you more opportunity to evaluate the policy and ensure it is a suitable match.

Because a luxury vacation is an expensive investment, insurance may ensure that the cost is reimbursed if you have to cancel or postpone your trip. Berkshire Hathaway’s LuxuryCare travel insurance includes high coverage limits for trip interruption, medical expenditures, and coverage for items such as sporting equipment. Berkshire Hathaway also offers different plans for cruises and adventure travel.