Millionaire Spouses Prefer To Live In Their Old House: What Do Jamie Lee Curtis And Her Husband’s 100-Year-Old House Look Like?


    Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest commemorated their 39th year of marriage in December 2023, having shared much of this time in their cherished family home where their children, Annie and Ruby, were raised. Curtis, a descendant of Hollywood icons Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, carved out her own successful path in the industry with standout roles in films such as “Halloween” and “Freaky Friday.”

    Curtis’s talent has not only been recognized in her acting career, with accolades such as a Golden Globe for “Anything But Love,” but also in her ventures as a children’s book author. Her literary debut came with “When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Youth” in 1993, followed by the inspired “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born” in 1996, drawing from the adoption of her first child, Annie, with Guest.
    Her subsequent works, including the New York Times best-seller “Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day” and “Is There Really a Human Race?”, further showcase her storytelling prowess, with her youngest adopted daughter, Ruby, serving as inspiration for the latter.
    Curtis’s union with Guest began in 1984, a relationship she has often celebrated publicly, especially on significant anniversaries, reflecting on the deep connections formed through their shared life and children.


    The start of their relationship reads like a fairy tale, with Curtis feeling an instant connection to Guest upon seeing his photo in a 1984 Rolling Stone magazine and confidently declaring her intent to marry him. Despite an initial lack of response from Guest following Curtis’s proactive attempt to reach out via his agent, fate intervened during an accidental meeting at Hugo’s restaurant in West Hollywood, leading to their first date and the blossoming of their relationship.
    Their journey led them to a 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival home in 1992, marking their first shared residence. Despite its initial outdated state, the couple, with the help of designer Jan McFarland Cox, transformed it into a space that reflects a blend of Mediterranean tradition and contemporary aesthetics, making it the heart of their family life.


    The home, now over a century old, is a treasure trove of family memories, books, art, and personal touches that reflect the family’s history and Curtis’s and Guest’s dedication to creating a nurturing and vibrant living space.

    Curtis values the simple comforts of this long-standing relationship, finding solace in the knowledge that their shared home is a sanctuary of shared experiences and love.
    This narrative not only highlights Curtis’s multifaceted career but also her commitment to family, creativity, and maintaining a grounded life amidst the glitz of Hollywood, shared closely with her husband, Christopher Guest, and their children.