A stranger sees a little boy approaching street dogs on his way to school, unaware that his actions are being caught on camera


    One day, as Ibrahim made his way to school, he encountered a pair of stray dogs on the street.

    Instead of simply passing by, he paused and did something when he thought that no one was watching…
    ”Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take….but the moments that take our breath away…”


    In 2021, on a typical day in Grozny, Chechnya, Ibrahim set out for school. Then, he noticed two stray dogs basking in the morning sunlight. The boy could have just kept walking, not giving the dogs a second thought.
    But instead, he stopped.

    Ibrahim didn’t know he was being watched, but a stranger picked up his camera and recorded the whole thing. So, what did he do?


    Check out the video below:

    What a big heart this young lad has, so nice that he can bring a little warmth to the dogs he hugs!


    The video of Ibrahim’s kind gesture quickly went viral.
    Those acquainted with the young boy affirm that his actions are a genuine reflection of his character – he’s known for being a remarkably kind and compassionate individual.

    “I saw the video. That’s Ibrahim,” Katerina, a friend of Ibrahim’s family, told The Dodo, and added:

    “He goes to school with my daughter and helps her carry her bag. He’s a very kind boy.”

    This is one of the most precious and hopeful things I have seen in a long long time! Kindness from a boy to a dog, lights the hearts of all those who see.

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