5-year-old girl’s quick act saves her dad’s life, calling 911 with her innocent words help arrived


    Kids are so adorable, sometimes they just know how to say the truth of a situation, when us adults would normally bite our lip. Savannah, who is five years old is equally hilarious in what she does, so much so that it has gone viral!

    She discovers her father, daddy, in distress, she knows exactly what to do and gets right to it, it all starts when her father feels pain and thinks the worse…


    The conversation that Savannah has with dispatcher is so incredibly funny, her dad thinks is is having a heart attack but is in too much pain to speak, Savannah steps in!!

    So little Savannah takes the phone from dad and she reassures him that he will be alright and manages to keep amazingly calm for the whole duration of the 911 telephone conversation.


    Little Savannah competently tells the 911 dispatcher that her dad “can hardly breathe” she tells him that he needs help and to hurry up and get to their home. The dispatcher reassures little Savannah that help is on the way and it won’t be too long.

    She turns and tells her pop that he will be alright and help is coming soon. The dispatcher asks if the front door is locked, Savannah doesn’t know, so she asks her dad…


    When she finds out that the door is actually locked, the dispatcher asks her to unlock it ready for the emergency workers…

    When Savannah realizes that strangers will be coming into her house she realizes that she and her dad are still wearing their pajamas.

    She makes a decision that she needs to get changed before the rescuers arrive, so she say to the dispatcher that since she’s in a tank top, she must go to her room to get dressed.

    The dispatcher gently intervenes and says that she really needs to stay there with her dad, to look after him and watch him, the dispatcher continually checks if her dad is awake and how he is doing.

    Lovely Savannah really can’t help thinking about what she is wearing and she doesn’t want the emergency workers to see her in her pajammies!

    Savannah says:

    “I don’t know what I’m gonna wear, but he really needs oxygen real fast.”

    She then introduces the dispatcher to her doggie LouLou, who likes to bark a lot, but is a very friendly dog!