New Mom About To Leave Walmart Empty-Handed – Then a Complete Stranger Steps In


    What looked like an ordinary shopping day at Walmart turned into an experience Jason Yoshino will never forget. He was the one who witnessed an act of kindness that left one mother speechless. He shared the video of the encounter online so that we could all see how someone’s day and even life may change because of a good deed.

    We all know the struggle of having a little baby. They really are a real blessing from God and make our lives complete, but the costs related to their upbringing can be huge. That is the reason why many parents are looking forward to coming across different discounts and deals on essentials such as diapers.


    That was exactly what Katie was doing. She visited Walmart in Sioux Falls, South Dakota hoping to buy three boxes of diapers and get a price-match deal. She took the boxes and headed to the register when the cashier told her she could only get a deal on the first box. Unfortunately, that meant Katie was about to leave the store empty-handed.

    But here comes the part of the story that restores our faith in humanity and makes us continue believing there is still good in people.


    An elderly lady of 73 overheard Katie’s conversation with the cashier and just couldn’t allow this mother not to get what she was there for.
    The lady named Carol Flynn, a retired March of Dimes state director, was willing to pay the $120 bill. Katie told her how she couldn’t accept that because it was a lot of money, but Carol insisted.

    According to Jason who “ran to Walmart real quick to grab a few things,” this was something he would never forget, because in this world of cold people who only care for their own needs, seeing something like this is not that common.


    After the video vent viral and melted the hearts of many, Argus Leader contacted kind Carol who described her urge to step in saying:

    This heartwarming story is just a proof that no good deed ever goes unnoticed and what we should do is always pay it forward.