This Man Insists On Re-Marrying Ex-Wife Just After Learning She Is Sick

    This Man Insists On Re-Marrying Ex-Wife

    This Man Insists On Re-Marrying Ex-Wife.

    After two years of divorce, a Chinese man has remarried his ex-wife after learning he’s sick. He wants to go as far as donating his kidney if it becomes necessary.

    He wants her to feel loved and wanted no matter what happens at the end.


    Their relationship didn’t work out at first, but he promised to make it better and get it right this time around.

    Most times, it doesn’t just work out, ruins are made, scars left. At times, the other person has to live with the hurt for the rest of their life. Some try to make up for the wrongs they have done, others move on like nothing ever happened.


    When my ex-husband left, I had to live with the pains I never disclosed to anyone. He bad-mouthed me to everyone, so I was the bad wife, no one knew the kind of abuse I went through at home.

    Outside he was the best man in the world, but I was living with a monster who made me lose my two kids out of stress and heartbreak.


    He moved on as nothing happened and I’m happy I’m getting better.

    Chen Zhenfeng, 39, of Henan, China was one of the few people who went back to correct their wrongs and give their love another shot.

    He met his wife nine years ago and they were so in love with each other that they got married quickly. After two miscarriages and the stress their marriage had to go through, they decided to part ways.

    Everyone thought their life was an old story until Chen Zhenfeng decided to message her and found out she didn’t remarry and worse still she wasn’t in the best state.

    He heard she suffered a kidney condition that has affected her eyesight called uremia. Chen immediately wanted to remarry even though she was against it as she didn’t want to be a burden to anyone but Chen insisted saying ”Even if you can’t see anymore, I can be your eyes.

    Don’t cry, I’m willing to give up one of my kidneys even if it means I may live a few years less and you can live longer,”

    It was a vow that’s so bittersweet because everyone knows he meant it this time around.

    “I have to take responsibility and I will accompany my wife for the rest of my life,” he added.

    True love will always be there, both in sickness and in health.