This Weed Is In Every Yard: Don’t Pull It By Accident, The Truth About It Is Amazing


    This Weed Is In Every Yard

    Many consider this plant a weed, but the truth is far different.

    It is a modest dish that can enrich your table in many healthy and tasty ways.


    This plant originates from China and India, where it has always been popular both as a spice and as a vegetable. You can find it here, too, and at every turn. It mainly grows as a weed along roads, houses and vineyards, in sunny places, and its flowers develop from July to October.

    Tušt is best picked when it is young, as it gets older, it becomes less tasty.


    The entire juicy aerial part is used for eating. Young leaves have a mild, sour-salty taste and you can use them in salad or cook. You have to cook the older leaves before eating, so they are used as a stew, alone or as an addition to a meal, and you can also make soups and broths from them. You can also use the seeds by grinding them and making flour from them.


    Studies have shown that the shower helps with high blood pressure, and of all plants it has the highest proportion of omega 3 fatty acids. However, be careful with it, because it also contains a lot of oxalates, which in excessive amounts can be one of the causes of kidney stone formation.

    Before preparation, of course, wash the shower thoroughly by filling the sink or a large container with water and submerging the shower. Stir a little to remove dirt. The plant will then start releasing a bunch of small, black seeds that are edible and, as we said, great for flour, so if you want, you can collect them. When you have washed it well, dry it with a cloth and it is ready to be prepared.