Can you spot what horrible secret is concealed in this family photo?


    This isn’t an average family portrait as you think.

    You’ll get chills down your spine when you see why this photo became viral. Upon first glance, this image might just be any old happy photo from Grandma’s album. You might assume that the image just shows a contented family of four adults lounging on the couch. But the situation is more complicated than it first appears. Fans are going crazy over it on the internet because of something weird that’s hiding in there.

    Is it starting to click now?


    Someone is tucked away inside the couch.


    An eye can be seen peering out from under the couch pillows if you look closely enough.

    However, this is not the only creepy photo that makes it’s freaking everyone out.

    Recently, one photo of a family of five caught the attention of many for a very special reason.


    This picture appears to be quite normal at first glance; it features a father, a mother carrying a baby, two sisters, and their dog. But if you look more closely, you’ll see an unsettling feature that defies explanation. There is an arm that appears to be hugging the younger sister on the left side of the picture, but it doesn’t belong to anyone there. Whose then might it be?

    Well, while some people believe it could be a ghost, those who don’t believe in ghosts and the supernatural say it could be photoshopped.

    No matter what it is, the photo caused a stir on the Internet and went viral in a matter of days.

    Look at this photo and decide for yourself. Do you have any idea how this could be?

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