One Day He Found His Wife


    One afternoon, a man arrives home early from work to discover his wife stretched out on the bed, panting and puffing.

    “What are you doing?” the man inquires.


    She stammers back, “Err.” “I think I’m having a heart attack,” the person said. The gullible spouse exclaims, “Oh, I’ll call an ambulance, quick!” As he rushes downstairs, grabs the phone, and starts to dial 911, his little son Johnny shows there and starts crying uncontrollably. The father asks, “What’s the matter, son?”



    “Uncle James is in the closet with no clothes on, Daddy,” replies his tearful toddler.

    Furious, the dad dashes back upstairs, opens the closet, and discovers his brother fully nude—exactly as his son had predicted.


    “You bastard, Jim,” screams the man. “My wife is over there having a heart attack and you’re running around naked scaring Johnny!”

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    An elephant and a crocodile were swimming in the jungle,

    When the elephant spots a turtle sunning himself on a rock.

    The elephant walks over to the turtle, picks him up in his trunk, and hurls him far into the jungle.

    “What did you do that for?” asked the crocodile.

    The elephant answered,

    “That turtle was the one that bit me almost fifty years ago.”

    The crocodile said,

    “And you remembered him after all these years? Boy, you sure do have a good memory.”

    “Yep,” says the elephant.

    “Turtle recall.”