White woman gave birth to a black baby from her white husband


    On February 17, Rachel, a young mother from Tennessee, gave birth to a beautiful child.

    I work as a cashier at the Celina 52 Truck Stop, and the business congratulated the new family member on Facebook. “Congratulations to our cashier Rachel and her fiancé Paul Buckman on their baby Cash Jamal Buckman being [born] on Saturday at 6:18 pm,” they wrote in a post that included a picture of the happy family. The fact that Rachel and Paul are both white and their child is black attracted a lot of attention. As was to be expected, nasty remarks accusing Rachel of infidelity quickly appeared beneath the post.


    The store then added another post explaining.

    “Yes, Paul is the father. Rachel has African American DNA in her which can skip generations and cause a child to be born with darker skin,” they wrote.

    Further, they stated that there might be the possibility of jaundice, and ended their post with, “Please be kind.”


    However, this didn’t put a stop to the jokes people continued making at the expense of the couple.

    “Congratulations!!! I AM sure he looks just like his dad. Where is he?” one person commented.


    “Needs a DNA test; what if they accidentally mixed up the kiddos in the nursery?” another added.

    I’m sad for Paul; falling for such a sleazy trick is unheard of. I hope he’ll come to his senses,” a third commented. Rachel decided to share a post with her ancestry test results after reading the responses. “For the people who say that I [don’t] have black DNA, perhaps this will set the record straight based on my ancestry DNA results,” the writer added. NOW QUIT disparaging my name and the name of my fiancé, Paul Buckman. Lil Cash’s father IS him.