Woman Insists Her Son Leaves His Pregnant Wife at Home for Her Birthday, but He Responds, ‘My Wife Comes First’


    During a family dispute, a man felt obliged to back his wife. But when his mother got upset with him over it, he turned to the internet to check if he was right.

    Regarding his mother’s birthday and his expecting wife, a man asked for advice on Reddit. He said that his wife, who was seven months pregnant, was sensitive and uncomfortable on her mother’s birthday. For his mother’s birthday, the man offered to take her out to dinner, and she picked a place that required a forty-minute trip. The man told his mother that his wife found it difficult to drive lengthy distances, thus he didn’t want to go that far.


    He also explained to his mother that his wife could only eat a small portion of the menu because it was a seafood restaurant and she could not eat shellfish. He then requested his mother to choose a neighboring restaurant. The man’s mother refused, saying the only good seafood restaurants were farther away. The man then suggested that his mother choose a different cuisine, noting that they had Mexican and Hibachi near them, which he knew his mother loved.


    After getting upset, the man’s mother told him that his wife may stay at home while they went to supper. The fact that a grown woman couldn’t spend a few hours at home by herself while her husband went out to dinner startled her. His mother yelled at him to forget about it and told him that her birthday was not about his wife after he informed her that his wife wouldn’t be pregnant forever and asked her to work with them. In response, the man said, “My wife comes first.”

    In addition, the man called his mother selfish and immature, and she hung up. After hearing that he was mistaken, the man’s family became enraged with his wife for spoiling her mother-in-law’s birthday, and she started crying.


    The man posted a question on social media, asking users if he was right to defend his wife and ask his mother to reschedule her birthday celebration. Other Reddit users’ reactions to him were ambiguous.

    A commenter told the man that his response made sense and that they were happy to see him defending his spouse. He responded in the affirmative when they asked if his mother regularly treated his wife in this way. The man further asserted that the fact that his mother’s fiancée had brought her to the restaurant was encouraging her inappropriate behavior.

    An other internet user corrected the man, saying that he was wrong to suggest that his wife was to blame and that they would not have prevented their spouse from traveling somewhere they were not comfortable with when they were expecting. The respondent added that if their husband had not wanted to go there, he would not have placed the blame on them. According to one viewpoint, the man ought to have apologized to his mother for missing the occasion and respected her feelings. The individual proposed having coffee and cake at home rather than going to a restaurant for supper.

    The message perplexed several internet users, who questioned why the man’s wife was mentioned with his mother’s birthday when it wasn’t stated that they were both going to a birthday dinner. They inquired as to whether his pregnant wife had forbidden him from traveling.