Crazy Frog had his penis out the entire time and nobody noticed


    Kids these days won’t understand how huge the Crazy Frog was for a time

    Do you even remember what the Crazy Frog was?

    For those who don’t know, the Crazy Frog was a cartoon creature who sort of appeared in the 2000s, made a lot of obnoxious noises, and then kind of vanished from people’s minds. With its large mouth, bipedal form, and blue color, it wasn’t even much of a frog.


    Additionally, the majority of frogs don’t wear clothing—at least not that anyone has ever observed them wearing it. Still, it had a rather successful career for a cartoon, despite being a tiny blue gremlin that mostly spoke in ‘ding ding’ noises.

    With a cover of “Axel F,” the theme from Beverly Hills Cop, featuring a frog making “ding ding” noises and trying to ride an imaginary motorbike, it managed to reach the top of the UK music charts in 2005. Many people purchased the song as their ringtone.

    It's not quite clear how the Crazy Frog became so popular, but it did. (Erik Wernquist)

    It’s not quite clear how the Crazy Frog became so popular, but it did. (Erik Wernquist)

    That the Crazy Frog had simply been walking about with his penis out the entire time is something that some people are only now starting to realize. The bizarre creation’s dongle was left hanging in full-body pictures, even though the frog wore a jacket and cap and was frequently photographed from the waist up.

    “I’ve just realized that Crazy Fog is just hanging out his penis,” was the response of someone who was hit with the awful discovery.


    Another enquired, “I’d like to bring up something from my past: What was going on with the penis here? Not even frogs have penises.

    People need explanations, so explain yourself, Crazy Frog.” Granted, frogs lack penises, but they also lack many of the other characteristics we listed for the Crazy Frog.

    The massive teeth for one.

    That frog was letting it all hang out. (Erik Wernquist)

    That frog was letting it all hang out. (Erik Wernquist)

    Now, for a little history lesson on the Crazy Frog, you may be surprised to hear that Swedish animator Erik Wernquist was the one who brought him to life.

    He was supposed to accompany a ludicrous comic impression of a motorcycle that would later become popular. But it quickly developed into so much more than that.

    Though the animation’s initial developer dubbed it “The Annoying Thing,” ringtone maker Jamba eventually took it up and renamed it Crazy Frog. After protests, several broadcasters masked out the animated creation’s genitalia; ultimately, the frog was castrated fully to avoid the hassle.

    Probably the most famous thing he did for pop culture was to inspire a moment in The Inbetweeners where James Buckley’s character Jay impersonates the Crazy Frog to show that he’s humorous.