Jamie Farr, aka the cross-dressing Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger in ‘MAS*H,’ and his wife, Joy, celebrate an incredible 60 years of marriage!


    Hollywood actor Jamie Farr married his wife, Jo Ann Richards, nearly 60 years ago, but when he proposed to her, it was without a ring.

    While it might seem uncommon to marry or propose without a ring, it’s not unheard of. Classic actor Jamie Farr and his longtime wife, Jo Ann Richards, are living proof of this.


    Farr didn’t propose to his beloved without a ring because of a lack of chivalry, but rather due to financial constraints. Thankfully, their union has lasted a lifetime and more.



    Early in his career, Farr faced significant challenges as he struggled to secure acting roles. Desperate for work, he was willing to accept meager pay for gigs.

    Luxury wasn’t on Farr’s mind; he simply aimed to put food on the table while navigating life with his then-partner, Jo Ann Richards. The actor once admitted to taking an out-of-character step in his pursuit of employment.


    Farr visited the late Danby Thomas’ studio and persisted until he was noticed. Fortunately, Thomas’ crew was busy with a new show, “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” and Farr managed to secure a part.

    At that juncture, Farr believed his career was taking a positive turn. He introduced Richards to Van Dyke, discovering that they both hailed from the same small town.

    Farr made appearances in four episodes of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” before his role was terminated prematurely. Unfortunately, another actor with more influential connections seemingly edged him out.


    Following his departure from Van Dyke’s show, Farr found himself back at square one, fervently pursuing a role in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” After some time, he received a response, albeit with a caveat—the filmmakers were seeking a more serious actor, whereas Farr was known for his comedic talents.

    Undeterred, Farr convinced them of his ability to tackle a serious role. However, as the filmmakers deliberated over casting choices, Farr found himself in a prolonged period of waiting, during which he experienced a truly miraculous encounter, as he shared in a subsequent interview.

    He would often drive Richards to work every day, and Farr recalled that he once told her he would pray to St. Jude so he could get the movie gig. So from then on, he stopped at a catholic church close to Richards’ workplace.

    He would light a candle, throw in a quarter and pray to St. Jude. This went on for a while, and one day he finally got the call he was waiting for. However, it was a rather disappointing one.

    The actor from “MAS*H” initially missed out on the acting opportunity, leaving him so frustrated that he drove to a Catholic church to vent his anger at St. Jude. However, upon returning home, he received an unexpected call from the same filmmaker.

    Fortunes had changed, and he was informed that he had indeed secured the role. Waste no time, he prepared for his new endeavor in the coming days. But the surprises didn’t end there; he soon received another call, offering him a different role — that of St. Jude himself.

    With this significant breakthrough, he and his girlfriend officially tied the knot, coinciding with his role in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Their wedding took place in an orthodox church, with actors portraying the apostles, Jesus, and Mary, Mother of God, in attendance.

    The presence of these actors, in character, overwhelmed the minister officiating the ceremony, who humorously remarked on the surreal experience of working in front of the actor portraying Jesus.

    As Farr’s career began to ascend, he reflected on his journey, acknowledging the hardships endured during the “long dry years.” Throughout this period, he found unwavering support from his wife, to whom he had initially promised a ring when times improved.

    It took him thirteen years to fulfill that promise. Farr fondly recalled the momentous occasion when, surrounded by his family at their favorite restaurant, he presented his tearful wife with a 1.5-carat emerald ring.