“There’s not one piece that I didn’t go out and buy or that I can’t tell you a story about.”


    Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband Christopher Guest may be millionaires, but the superstar couple has opted to reside in the same stunning house for the past 30 years.

    Celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary in December 2022, Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest have predominantly lived in this cherished abode throughout their married life, providing a loving home for their children, Annie and Ruby.


    With her lineage tracing back to Hollywood royalty as the daughter of actor Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis has carved her own path to success in the film industry, starring in iconic films such as “Halloween” and “Freaky Friday.”

    Accolades for her exceptional acting prowess include a Golden Globe for the sitcom “Anything But Love.” Born and raised in Los Angeles, Curtis has remained rooted in the city throughout her life, transitioning from living with her parents to establishing her own household as an adult.


    Beyond her acting career, Curtis has garnered acclaim as a children’s book author, a rare feat among celebrities. Her debut publication, “When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Youth,” debuted in 1993.



    Curtis draws inspiration from her two children with actor-filmmaker Christopher Guest. The adoption of their eldest child, Annie, served as the muse for her second book, “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born,” published in 1996.



    Two years later, she co-authored the New York Times best-selling book “Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day.” In 2006, she penned “Is There Really a Human Race?” inspired by her adopted daughter Ruby.


    Curtis and her husband have been married since 1984. She has expressed her deep affection for the man with whom she plans to spend the rest of her life on numerous occasions. During their 36th wedding anniversary, she wrote:

    “My hand in his. Then and now. Connected through our children, family, and friends, it has become the links in our human emotional chain that have seen each of us through triumph and tragedy.”

    Curtis once shared the moment she knew she would marry Guest. She recalled manifesting it when she came across his picture in a 1984 issue of Rolling Stone during the release of “This Is Spinal Tap.”

    According to the actress, she pointed at Guest’s photo, wearing a plaid shirt. Despite never having met him before, she pointed at him and confidently told her friend that she would marry that man.


    The very next day, Curtis took her chance by calling Guest’s agent. She gave him his number and asked for Guest to call her if he was interested.

    Unfortunately, he never called, and she went on with her life, dating another man. After breaking up with him, she drove to Hugo’s restaurant in West Hollywood. There, she glanced up and saw Guest three tables away.

    Guest ended up waving at her, and she waved back. When he got up to leave, he shrugged his shoulder and put his hand up. The very next day, he called her, and a couple of days later, they had their first date.

    A couple of months later, Guest flew to New York City to tape “Saturday Night Live” for a year. At the time, they were completely smitten with one another and haven’t looked back since.

    n 1992, Curtis walked into the 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival home which would become her first home. The actress admitted that she believed she could make any place lovely at the time, saying about the house’s decor, “There’s not one piece that I didn’t go out and buy or that I can’t tell you a story about.”

    For Guest, it was different. Curtis shared that while house hunting, he would often be radiating disapproval with his facial expressions. For this particular house, however, he was different.

    He started to look at the house’s terra-cotta roof tiles and eucalyptus trees around it before deciding that they should purchase it. He would later reveal that he was impressed by the home’s park-like setting.

    When they moved into the house, previous owners had not updated it, although it was built in 1929. Consequently, they tapped the help of Jan McFarland Cox to revive the home, and now, it is airy and light.

    There are remnants of Curtis’s two children everywhere in the home. She blended elements of an old traditional Mediterranean house with a more contemporary zen aesthetic.


    The home reflects Curtis and Guest greatly, as they believe that the blend between old and new is a part of who they are. For the children’s book author, the house is also a source of inspiration to create something beautiful.

    While the couple refurbished the house before moving in, they collaborated with architect Michael B. Lehrer and his wife Mia on renovations and landscape design. They first worked on adding bedrooms for their children before renovating the master bedroom and bath.

    Lehrer then renovated the lower floor, opening the kitchen into a space that has a family area, a place that Curtis calls “the emotional center of the house.” She tapped Cox to create interiors that emphasized the house’s Mediterranean origins.

    Curtis and Guest are certain they’ve made the house a happy home. Guest once said: “I think it’s like anything: it’s a work in progress. This house is going to keep living.”

    True enough, Curtis hangs positive messages through kitchen towels, hanging cloth dividers, and wall art to keep the house lively. Their home’s light and airy feel are accented with timeless wooden pieces that keep the Mediterranean aesthetic.

    While Curtis and Guest built a loving residence, the couple has expressed that they learned the true meaning of “home” from each other. The actress once wrote her husband a song, saying: “I feel safe when I drive up and see that you are home.”


    The lyrics may seem simple, but to her, they encapsulate what it means to be in a long marriage. To her, it’s about the safety of knowing her husband is at home and that she isn’t alone.

    Now that Curtis and Guest are empty-nesters, they find comfort in spending time together. Their eldest daughter Annie is now married, and their daughter, Ruby, transitioned from her previous identity as Thomas.

    Ruby is the second of Curtis’ two kids with Guest, and she decided to transition at the age of 25. Curtis couldn’t be any happier for her kids, as Ruby taught her to ditch the idea that gender is fixed.

    In the same way that Annie is now married, Ruby also walked down the aisle in 2022. Curtis was proud to share that she officiated her daughter’s wedding ceremony.