A remarkable story of a man and his dog in a cave


    This has got to be among the most amazing stories ever, no question about it. It’s hardly shocking that the shooting of this extraordinary cave excavation effort led to an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary. Very impressive.

    If you pay close attention, you might be able to hear something other than the wind in a high desert in northern Mexico. It’s the subterranean sound of a man “obsessed” with producing the remarkable.





    Rob Paulette has dedicated the last twenty-five years of his life to creating a truly remarkable cave, leaving people in a state of shock. His faithful dog has been his only travel partner on this incredible adventure.


    Rob is not a structural engineer, and he’s not an architect, he’s simply a man who has found his passion.

    Rob states, “The construction of the cave itself is where I find most of the wonder.” “I move on once they’re done.”


    He has discovered twelve caves thus far, and each one is more fascinating than the last. There’s even electricity, a wooden floor, and a bright bathtub with running water in this Rio Grande River cave. He exclusively employs hand tools, such as shovels, medics, and scrapers.

    The majority of people were unaware of Rob’s work until recently. Few of his acquaintances were aware of his artistic endeavors until a filmmaker became interested in Rob’s story and followed him for three years while he created marvels out of caves.


    As news of these remarkable caverns spread, demand for buying them increased. Indeed, they are currently being sold by means of a realtor.

    Watch the video below to learn more about this incredible attempt! It’s going to blow you away.