Mother forced son to sell the car he inherited – He buys it back and finds his grandfather’s hidden secret


    One of the most significant individuals in his life, his late grandfather, was the subject of an amazing story that a guy shared on Reddit. OP was only 17 years old when his grandfather passed away, yet he could still clearly recall that day as if it had been yesterday. Because his grandpa was someone he could trust and who loved him without conditions, his world fell apart.

    What’s more, the grandpa was heavily involved in the upbringing of OP and his sisters.

    The old man would frequently take OP to auto exhibitions because he was an avid collector of vintage vehicles.

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    Unlike his friends who had collections of vintage cars, the grandfather only had one, but he took excellent care of it despite his inability to purchase more than one. When his mother would drop him off at his grandparents’ house, OP assisted him in taking care of the car. At the time, OP thought his mother wanted him to stay close to his grandparents, but as time went on, he came to see that it was only convenient for her.

    But weekends with Grandpa brought back fond memories. Every moment was fun, with plenty to keep the two occupied, from Grandpa accidentally scraping the red paint of the Chevy Bel Air to toppling the oil can.

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    When OP learned his grandpa passed away, he was heartbroken because even through his teen years, the elderly man was his best friend.

    Because it was the day after the grandfather passed away, OP wasn’t planning on going to school. But as soon as he entered the living room, he saw that his sister was ignoring him. He was clueless as to what was wrong.

    “Honey, you have to realize that your sisters’ slight jealousy is to be anticipated. His mother informed him, “You would have known that your granddad left you the Chevy if you hadn’t stormed off.


    OP was in disbelief. His grandpa never let anyone even touch his Chevy.

    “Now, stop looking so happy. You’re behaving in a vulpine manner. His mother continued, “I’ve decided that you won’t inherit it. You are not yet a driver, my dear. I would have allowed you to keep the car if you had followed my advice and taken your exam the previous year. Okay, perhaps. To put it another way, I’ve decided to sell the car and give the proceeds to your sisters, your cousins, and you. It’s just.

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    OP was furious and perplexed as to how his mother could sell his grandfather’s biggest asset. He tried to manage the emotional roller coaster for the remainder of the day while confined to his room. In the week that followed, OP begged a lot, but OP’s mother refused. The car was already sold, in her opinion. Finally, a buyer showed up and made an offer of $70,000 for the car. It felt like his grandfather was letting out a disappointed sigh as he watched it being driven away.

    At that moment, OP made a promise to get that car back no matter the cost.

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    Their bond was shattered by his mother’s behavior, as was his sister’s. Even though they had never spent any time with Grandpa, they each received $4,000. When the elderly man begged for a wrench, neither of OP’s sisters ever gave it to him. After a while, OP obtained a driver’s license, began working part-time, and began supporting himself.

    After amassing a sizeable money, he was able to go to college and turn his love of machinery into an engineering career. Following graduation as valedictorian, OP secured employment with a well-known engineering firm. He was able to finally achieve his 10-year-old self-promise to retrieve his grandfather’s Chevy at the age of 27.

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    He located the owner of the car that held great significance for OP and made an offer to purchase it, but the man declined. He nevertheless extended an invitation to OP to see the vehicle, and soon after, OP was once more admiring the contours of Grandpa’s beloved vehicle. It seemed unreal. The familiar color and the immaculate craftsmanship all looked unworn as if they had just been produced. The owner, Michael, never drove the car; he preferred to display it among his antique car collection. The grandpa and the other person were the only privileged ones who had seen the inside of the car.

    OP was ecstatic to learn this. Seeing his yearning eyes glued on the vehicle, Michael gave in and turned over the keys for eighty thousand dollars. Even though it was expensive, the emotional significance of getting the car back surpassed any financial worries. With a big smile on his face, OP got into the driver’s seat and drove home, feeling happy. His other car could wait; right then, he was only thinking about the Chevy.

    However, the Chevy wasn’t the sole treasure acquired through the transaction.

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    OP opened the ashtray on the way home. It had once held papers from the candies his grandfather had happily eaten. He smiled at the memory of those times, but his gaze was drawn to a piece of paper lodged in the ashtray. He pulled out the plastic to remove it without ripping it up, and behind it was an old envelope with his name in pencil.

    The envelope was yellowed from age. It felt heavy and lumpy and a note peaking out of it read:


    I hope you’ll enjoy this car as much as I did. I’ve taught you how to look after it, so I expect you to keep her shining.

    By now, your sisters and mother are probably all ticked off at you, but that doesn’t matter. You’re the only one I consider family.

    You see, your grandmother always had someone on the side. She thought I didn’t know about it, but I just kept my mouth shut. Better to not rock the boat, eh?

    Your mom is the product of that relationship. I’ve known this from the start. I don’t have a single legitimate child. But that’s neither here nor there because you have been like a son to me.

    That’s why I’m leaving you the Chevy and little to anyone else. They all know about their real granddad. They kept you out of it because we were so close and you’re the youngest. But you deserve to know that I love you no matter what.

    Enjoy the ride,


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    OP’s eyes filled with tears. He was nonetheless relieved that his grandfather loved him despite the shocking revelation and that the Chevy had been returned to its original owner. Filled with joy, he became so engrossed in the moment that he forgot everything about the envelope. He opened it, curious to see what else was within, and a jewel winked at him. He was shocked to see the lines, “I did not doubt that you would find the candy,” scrawled on the envelope.